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The Supervisor of Elections, Karen Healy, is proud to support our Vote in Honor of a Veteran program to the citizens of Highlands County. Each and every family in America has been affected by the various conflicts and wars that our nation has fought. The veterans of this great state and nation have given beyond measure in order that we may live in freedom and exercise the right to vote.

The goal of the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program is to recognize our veterans foremost and also encourage voter participation by sharing with our youth the sacrifices our veterans have made for the sake of democracy. By voting we honor veterans and service members with much deserved respect for protecting our country and preserving our right to vote.

Karen believes the program will encourage our young adults to register and vote. To participate and vote in honor of a family member or friend who proudly served our country, complete a short questionnaire on the Biography Form and submit a photograph. The information can be on behalf of an active, retired, deceased, KIA, MIA, or POW veteran. There will be a page on our website designated as our Wall of Honor where the biography and photo will be posted. All information submitted will be kept in an album at the Supervisor of Elections Office for interested citizens to view.

We need your participation to make this program a success. Citizens are encouraged to call or come by the Elections Office and pick up information on the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program, view our website, and flip through our Honored Veterans Album.

Please feel free to make copies of the Biography Form and distribute them. Forms can be mailed to P.O. Box 3448, Sebring, Florida 33871 or emailed to SOE@VoteHighlands.gov. If you have further questions, contact us at 863-402-6655. Let us vote for “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”